Flore-Aël Surun photographs “survivors”, she bears witness to their strength of life. In Sur-vie sous , she descends into the underground of Bucharest to share the life of street teenagers and chooses to surprise the moments of joy still there. She creates a work on transsexuality, Female to Male , in Paris. She modestly reveals what identity means. From 2003, she asserted her commitment as a witness, in search of those who choose non-violence as a means of resistance. In Bethlehem, several decisive meetings provoked the start of a long series of reports on the actors of peace: The temptation of Peace which takes him from a march of Tibetan Buddhists to the Canadian refuges of American deserters, passing through the village of the New Peace, in Israel, where the three religions coexist.
A part of this photographic history is devoted to the political acts of youth in places of protest. In Corps à corps , she accompanies the activists against the G8 in Annemasse, and confronts in images a hedonic moment of nudity, with an action of civil disobedience. She brings together her subjects on youth in a single story: Desire in the Wings where she composes a fragmented portrait of herself. Since 2010 she has been interested in shamanism. His color contrasts, warm/cold, light/dark, tender and violent, carry this necessary tension which haunts his vision. Flore-Aël Surun is a member of the Tendance Floue collective.

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