After studying Plastic Arts and then Art History, Gabrielle Duplantier invested herself in the practice of photography. His work is inspired by nearby territories, nature and portraiture. From often accidental shots to experiments in the darkroom, she brings back images where the power of shapes, memories of an apprenticeship as a painter, combines with the fragility of the figures. Suspended movements, organic landscapes, twilight moments, inhabited portraits of women or children, Gabrielle Duplantier continues the affirmation, worried at the same time as obstinate, from her point of view as a subject, less attached to freezing reality than to demand a right of inspection. She has published two books with Editions Lamaindonne, Volta (2014) and Terres Basses (2018). All his photographs are inspired by a delicacy and a brutal force, a passion and a grace, something that the night competes with both the demonic and the candor. Gabrielle has mist and radiance, she owes to the oak and the reed, to the landscape and the phantasmagoria. To the granite of desires and the sand of life. In the book she signed Volta , prefaced by Maylis de Kerangal, her great art is found all assembled like a path of rain, of ferns, of women from another time, of countries and more countries, of things seen unless they are the only fruit of the powder of a moment.

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