Marine Lanier lives and works in a region where she comes from and which she knows well. These photographs are anchored in this territory and in this soil, and this is how they can start from there and evoke other spaces, the American West, the Atlantic Ocean or Ancient Greece. His photographs of lichens, moss, charred wood and braziers evoke a wild and primitive, timeless nature. The few men who appear from time to time are animal beings, beasts, with thick bodies and a pungent odor. They are like trees; bark and roots. They are beautiful as nature is beautiful: that is to say tough, independent and vibrant.* She exhibits her work in France and abroad. In 2016, she published a monograph of her work with Poursuite, Our fires belong to us , accompanied by a text by the writer Emmanuelle Salasc-Pagano. In 2024, a new monograph will be published by the same publisher, Le Soleil des loups , accompanied by a text by the American writer Rick Bass.

*Nina Ferrer-Gleizes

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