After studying international economics, Michel Bousquet studied photography at the Nationale Louis Lumière school then at Gobelins in Paris (1985-1988) and became a professional photographer. For several years he worked for the press and advertising in France and Italy and at the same time took painting lessons. This course taught him the profession of photographer as a craft, with the practice of numerous techniques, from film to digital, staging, composition of light, rendering of materials and colors. He hesitated between photography and painting. Today he uses these two mediums and draws his inspiration from them. In 2011, he made a series of Polaroids of which he said: “ …I freed myself from the obligation of the subject and I realized that I was interested in shapes and compositions which, for me, became almost abstract . I was making images and at the same time I seemed to be taking notes. I was thinking of Atget* who said he created “documents for artists” and I said to myself that some of my images could be documents for artists, but for an abstract painter. » In 2018, he participated in the “ living ” exhibition in Châteauneuf le Rouge by creating a 9m2 living workshop in the Macarteum museum, which he lived in and photographed for a month. The workshop becomes a workplace and a device. A space that is both a tool and a subject. Everyday life and interior and exterior space offer him the photographic material necessary to construct his images, a real material that he shapes, diverts, refines to better tell his stories and show us what he sees.

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